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  1. 降E大调第一交响曲 Symphony No.1 in Eb Major, K.16
  2. 降B大调第二交响曲 Symphony No.2 in Bb Major (doubtful), K.17 伪作
  3. 降E大调第三交响曲 Symphony No.3 in Eb Major (attr. Abel), K.18 伪作
  4. Symphony No.4 in D Major, K.19
  5. Symphony No.5 in Bb Major, K.22
  6. Symphony No.6 in F Major, K.43
  7. Symphony No.7 in D Major, K.45 D大调第八交响曲
  8. Symphony No.8 in D Major, K.48
  9. Symphony No.9 in C Major, K.73
  10. Symphony No.10 in G Major, K.74 D大调第十一交响曲
  11. Symphony No.11 in D Major (attr. to others), K.84
  12. Symphony No.12 in G Major, K.110 F大调第十三交响曲
  13. Symphony No.13 in F Major, K.112
  14. Symphony No.14 in A Major, K.114
  15. Symphony No.15 in G Major, K.124
  16. Symphony No.16 in C Major, K.128
  17. Symphony No.17 in G Major, K.129
  18. Symphony No.18 in F Major, K.130
  19. 降E大调第十九交响曲 Symphony No.19 in Eb Major, K.132
  20. Symphony No.20 in D Major, K.133
  21. Symphony No.21 in A Major, K.134
  22. Symphony No.22 in C Major, K.162
  23. Symphony No.23 in D Major, K.181
  24. Symphony No.24 in Bb Major, K.182 g小调第二十五交响曲
  25. Symphony No.25 in G Minor, K.183 降E大调第二十六交响曲
  26. Symphony No.26 in Eb Major, K.184 G大调第二十七交响曲
  27. Symphony No.27 in G Major, K.199 C大调第二十八交响曲
  28. Symphony No.28 in C Major, K.200 A大调第二十九交响曲
  29. Symphony No.29 in A Major, K.201 D大调第三十交响曲
  30. Symphony No.30 in D Major, K.202 D大调第三十一交响曲(巴黎)
  31. Symphony No.31 in D Major (Paris), K.297
  32. G大调第三十二交响曲 Symphony No.32 in G Major, K.318
  33. 降B大调第三十三交响曲 Symphony No.33 in Bb Major, K.319
  34. C大调第三十四交响曲 Symphony No.34 in C Major, K.338
  35. D大调第三十五交响曲(哈夫纳) Symphony No.35 in D Major (Haffner), K.385
  36. C大调第三十六交响曲(林茨) Symphony No.36 in C Major (Linz), K.425
  37. G大调第三十七交响曲 Symphony No.37 in G Major (by Michael Haydn; intro by Mozart), K.444 伪作
  38. G大调第三十八交晌曲(布拉格)Symphony No.38 in D Major (Prague), K.504
  39. 降E大调第三十九交响曲 Symphony No.39 in Eb Major, K.543
  40. g小调第四十号交响曲 Symphony No.40 in G minor, K.550
  41. C大调第四十一交响曲(朱庇特)Symphony No.41 in C Major (Jupiter), K.551

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